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Healers Saloon at Ictus Gallery

Healers Saloon  at Ictus Gallery

on November 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence towards Women and Girls we offer the community the healing arts of a phenomenal diversity of healers, from Reiki, Tarot, to Mayan Wisdom, and breath work, there will be herbal remedies, food and lots co care!

Women of white privilege are subject to violence as well.

Women of white privilege are subject to violence as well.

This is a call to all women of white privilege to step out of the closets of class, race and dogma. My prayer is that you may brake free from the traditions that keep you perpetuating genocide. I invite you to boycott “thanksgiving” on November 24 and 25th, 2012.

Nov. 26 show at Dance Mission Theater for International Day to End Violence Against Women

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